Repair Services

Welcome to Pro Computers website. Our technicians and staff at Procomputers have more than a decade of experience repairing both PC and Mac machines and accessories.
We keep our technicians up to date with new software releases, operating systems and all the related hardware.

The following is a list of services we provide:

1) PC and Mac Repair and Troubleshooting
2) Scanning for and removing viruses, spyware, adware and browser hijacking programs.
3) Hard drive Backup and Recovery
4) Troubleshoot wireless network
5) Troubleshoot Network connections
6) Basic hardware diagnostic & troubleshooting
7) Parts and Accessories Sales and Replacement
8) Cleaning/removing dust & debris from the inside of the PC case.
9) Cleaning and checking the PC’s cooling system.
10) Removing junk files, temporary files and temporary internet caches.
11) Applying Windows updates and security patches
12) Checking for proper firewall and antivirus protection.
13) Checking the Windows registry for errors.
14) Cleaning the laser lens of the CD/DVD drive(s).
15) Checking for proper driver installation.
16) Optimizing Windows startup files.

We get to see a lot of new viruses and attacks from the web on our clients computers. We can clean your computer and restore it to a healthy state so you can keep using it safely.

Please let us know what you need help with by filling out this form.